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Re: (off topic?) Docbook? Re: manlint?

From: James K. Lowden
Subject: Re: (off topic?) Docbook? Re: manlint?
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2020 18:58:33 -0400

On Wed, 7 Oct 2020 22:52:03 +0200
Jan Stary <> wrote:

> > > That is the simplest and most obvious thing to do;
> > > it is up to the presentation author to prescribe a style
> > > to h1's of class Sh (or refer to a specific one by its id).
> > 
> > What tool does that, btw?  

I shouldn't criticize mandoc, especially its HTML output, without
having used it.  

mdoc doesn't have levels of section headings the way -ms has.  For mdoc
purposes, perhaps H1 is enough.  

I'm actually arguing in favor of applying mandoc's "just the macros"
approach to HTML, but for all macro sets, not just mdoc and man.  

I might just try passing my texinfo sources through texinfo2mdoc, and
see what pops out.  You never know.  

> I can't speak for Ingo, but I don't think the "thin air"
> was meant as an insult to your expertise.

Fair enough, thank you.  It seemed so to me, after leading with the
assertion that I was struggling to solve a solved problem.  


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