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Re: Releasing groff 1.22.5?

From: Dave Kemper
Subject: Re: Releasing groff 1.22.5?
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 13:06:48 -0500

On 10/10/20, G. Branden Robinson <> wrote:
> At 2020-10-10T18:21:31-0500, Dave Kemper wrote:
>> I think any open bugs that include a patch should have that patch
>> applied or rejected (either as WONTFIX or with reasons given why the
>> patch needs improvement).
> Can you prepare a list of these?  Are they the ones already tagged
> with "[PATCH]" in the summary, or a subset thereof?

I can't find a way to filter savannah bugs based on the
presence/absence of an attachment -- and in some cases the patches are
in comments anyway rather than attachments.  So using the PATCH
keyword in the summary seems the only automated way to find such bugs.
("[PATCH]" is actually too restrictive because some are missing one of
the brackets.)

I'll trawl through the tracker and see if I can find any patches whose
summaries aren't so marked.  Bugs where patches were added later may
not have had their summary updated; the submitter not being allowed to
alter the summary prevented me from adding such a tag to (the
now-closed) #57638, for instance.

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