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Re: [Heirloom] No courier font (.CW) in -ms

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: [Heirloom] No courier font (.CW) in -ms
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 20:37:23 +1100
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Hi Philip!

At 2020-10-14T02:43:36+0000, Philip Bushee wrote:
> I'm using Heirloom doctools on OpenBSD.  I'm using the version on the
> ports system[1].  I'm trying to use the .CW macro to mark a text in
> typwriter font (courier).  But it does not work.
> Using \f(CW works, however.
> Does .CW work at all on -ms with Heirloom doctools?
> [1]:

I don't see any evidence in recent Heirloom Doctools Git that it

It's my understanding that the .CW ms macro is a Berkeley extension;
evidence for this can be found in the fact that it's not documented in
the original AT&T Version 7 ms manual[2], but does appear in the
Berkeley expanded verison of that manual[3].  At some point it got added
to Documenter's Workbench[4].

groff ms supports it, but in groff I think it would be better to use the
.fam request.  That way it is the font _family_ that switches (from
Times to Courier), and you can still use the .B, .I, and .R macros in
the traditional way.  Example attached.

Also, in groff, the string \*[FAM] can be set when the document is set
up to determine the default font family.  So you could say:
        .ds FAM H
to set the family to Helvetica before calling any macros which
initialize the package (which is most of them--paragraph macros, cover
page macros, and so on).



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