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Re: UTP Revisited: scoping the project

From: Anthony J. Bentley
Subject: Re: UTP Revisited: scoping the project
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 12:02:43 -0600

Hi Johann,

Johann Höchtl writes:
> After that many years it might pleasantly surprise you that even modern
> Vim still retains the notion of its ancestry by supporting section
> movements and accounting for the corresponding nroff directives/macros:

This is even specified by POSIX: it requires that sections default to
NHSHH HUnhsh and paragraphs default to IPLPPPQPP LIpplpipbp (in the
POSIX locale, anyway).

Vim follows POSIX for sect but adds .TP .HP .Pp .Lp .It for para.

OpenBSD nvi also intentionally deviates from POSIX here, adding .Sh .Ss
for sect and .Bl .Bd .Pp .Lp .It for para. (I chose those values for
ease of mdoc editing, so if the list could be improved, blame me!)

By the way, Vim's infinite undo clearly violates the published
standard (POSIX is clear that u undoes u), but nvi's infinite undo
("u .") may or may not be compliant--I'm not enough of a standards
lawyer to say for sure...

Anthony J. Bentley

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