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Re: Learning troff - where to start?

From: Pierre-Jean Fichet
Subject: Re: Learning troff - where to start?
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 12:39:24 +0200
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Hello Johann,

Johann Höchtl<> wrote:
> Your help would be very appreciated. BTW How comes that section headings 
> work as a forward reference? Can I move with utmac the complete TOC to 
> the frontmatter without using psutils or the likes?

The makefile, in the utmac/demo, runs three passes of roff. During the
first pass, it exports a summary to a temporary file. During the
second pass, the macros S2, S3, S4 and S* load that file and print a
summary. A third pass is needed in case the introduction of the
summaries in the document shifted page numbers.

So, indeed, psutils is not needed. I think it's a good way to do such
things, as page numbers are coherent with that system, compliant with
the french habbit, and it allows the insertion of pdf links in the
summary to navigate within the document.


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