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Observations using utmac

From: Johann Höchtl
Subject: Observations using utmac
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2020 18:27:39 +0100
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Dear troffers,

I used the wonderful utmac-macro set on an arbitrary text which is in the PD. I admit it was more like playing to discover the possibilities of troff and utmac.

I made some observations I would like to show / discuss. Attached is the source file, it is an auto-translated troff-file from the plaintext input souce using a simple awk-script.

The resulting pdf as well. The headings would be bold but they aren't, because I deliberately did not install the Libertine font the macro package is relying on.

command line: ../neatroff/roff  -mus | ../neatpost/pdf -pa4 > out.df

General: The toc is interlinked but clicking on a xref-item doesn't bring me to the item.

p1: In the toc Table of content is written although there is no TOC heading.

p1: Lots of space to the left for the toc.

p2: widow

p3: widow

p9 / p10, last paragraph: left aligned without a macro request

All I observed could very likely be the result of not yet understanding core concepts or not properly reading documentation:

Best, Johann

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