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[DRAFT] Revised groff ms manual for review

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: [DRAFT] Revised groff ms manual for review
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2020 20:40:44 +1100
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Happy Halloween!

Ready for something on the gory and disturbing side?

I feel like I'm about 40% of my way through a huge update of Larry
Kollar's document, as promised earlier this year.  I've done most
of the work over the past 2-3 weekends; the promise of a release kicked
my rear into gear.

I've got portions of the document to a fairly high degree of polish,
particularly toward the start.  A good deal of it came pre-polished from
Larry, of course.  Then I started discovering just how much is of our
s.tmac is undocumented, and how much confusion there has historically
been over what, _exactly_, constitutes the historical ms interface.
Berkeley extensions to it seem to have gone unrecognied as such; I think
this may be because DWB troff became promiscuous with respect to what it
merged, and AT&T got credit for everything that was stuck in (perhaps
true of the DWB man macros as well--but groff's man(7) implementation
has always been stripped down relative to that).

Anyway, I'd appreciate feedback, positive or negative, on the current
state of affairs.  You don't have to tell me that the boxed "GBR"s and
the comments next to them have no place in a finished manual--they are
my TODO markers. :)

Also there is an Easter Egg in the document, which seemed apropos for
Halloween.  (?)  Maybe some other surprises, too, depending on your
disposition (and level of comfort with ms).

Source and PDF are attached.


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