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Re: [DRAFT] Revised groff ms manual for review

From: Karthik Suresh
Subject: Re: [DRAFT] Revised groff ms manual for review
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2020 08:44:52 +0000
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You didn't say what kind of book you're talking about, unfortunately.

I have a range of projects on the go but thought I would start by trying to replicate the style you see in The Unix Programming Environment. I'm aware that MOM does a lot to help with book length projects, but I'd like to begin with creating the kind of look you see with Kernighan's books, which he describes as being done with ms and a few additional macros - but I can't find any source material on how this is done.

ms doesn't have a concept of a chapter, per se, but it's easy enough to
regard the top-level section number as a chapter number.  The questions
are these, at least.
   1. Do your chapters have titles?
   2. How do you want your chapters to render typographically?
      2a. Should they start a new page?
      2b. Should they be centered?
      2c. Should they be set in a really large font?
   3. Will you be producing a table of contents?

Yes to all these. I suppose it's about having options for common layouts that we can see in the manual so users can have some examples to start from.

This might be close or far away from what you have in mind.  It is,
however, extensively annotated with roff comments.

Here's an example of what I'm trying to get to, with a manual layout then an attempt at using a macro, which doesn't work too well.

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