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Re: [groff] 03/09: tmac/an-old.tmac: Stop remapping ` and '.

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: Re: [groff] 03/09: tmac/an-old.tmac: Stop remapping ` and '.
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2020 23:15:35 -0500

John Gardner <> wrote:

> It's called Sun Gallant Demi (or simply "Gallant", as no other weights or
> variations of it exist). It's the default console font of SPARC
> workstations and SunOS/Solaris; OpenBSD used to use it, until they switched
> to a much blander console font <>.
> It's the only fixed-pitch serif typeface I've seen that pulls that look off
> naturally. I wouldn't be lying if I said it looks better than half the
> body-text fonts I usually come across.
> There's a Linux version too, if you're interested:

A pity there’s no OpenType version.

— Larry

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