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Re: Observations using utmac

From: Johann Höchtl
Subject: Re: Observations using utmac
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2020 19:41:57 +0100
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On 03.11.20 12:59, Pierre-Jean Fichet wrote:
Hello Johann,

Johann Höchtl<> wrote:
Is there any technical reason implied by troff why Sx - macros work, as
you already described, by building a forward index whereas the TOC
doesn't and therefore has to go to the end, as any other toc in
single-pass g/troff macros I am aware of?
There's no technical reason. And I guess it's a valuable feature
request, as I have no real argument for the current state of things,
except these poor ones:
- It's a french usage to put the TOC at the end, and eventually a
   short summary after a heading.
- The XT macro is reliable and simple to code, while the S* ones need
   three passes and are sensible to glitches.
I'm motivated to work on that, though, I can't know yet when I'll have
time for it.

I see. I guess the logic is more or less in place as the Sx-macros to their job nicely?

There are also odd behaviours with the page number not being right
aligned after hyphenated words. That's a glitch I thought fixed, but
which is obviously resisting me.
Did you spot that from my PDF, your revised PDF or is this something you
are aware of? Just because I can't find the issue you describe in any of
the PDFs. Maybe I am just blind.
It's visible in both PDF. For instance, in the revised PDF, the second
line of the summary « Before advancing my own arguments », the page
number is concatenated with the sentence.

Ah yes, sure, I noticed that. I didn't mentioned it because I thought my usage of the Sx-macros was wrong anyway. For one reason I was looking at the page number at the bottom and didn't spot irregularities.

General: The toc is interlinked but clicking on a xref-item doesn't
bring me to the item.
It will work when using neatpost and ps2pdf. Neatpdf is great, but as
far as I know, it does not support pdf links yet.
I've figured why that did not work with neatpdf, and will come with a
fix. If not at the end of this week, it will be next week.


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