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Re: Observations using utmac

From: Johann Höchtl
Subject: Re: Observations using utmac
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2020 20:27:02 +0100
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On 05.11.20 21:51, Pierre-Jean Fichet wrote:
Hello Johann,

Johann Höchtl<> wrote:
Johann Höchtl<> wrote:
There's no technical reason. And I guess it's a valuable feature
I see. I guess the logic is more or less in place as the Sx-macros to
their job nicely?
Yes it is. One easy trick is to override sum:start and sum:stop
macros, which are defined by us.tmac to format a summary. Like this:

.de sum:star
.       PP
.de sum:stop

And the formatting of the Sx-macros will be the same as the XT macro.
Attached is an example.

Well done! I think this makes utmac the only macro set which can place a toc at the beginning, doing all the required handling internally without tooling and supplemental makefiles / bash-scripts to re-arrange PDFs or Postscript pages.

Best, Johann


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