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Re: duplicate documentation

From: Jan Stary
Subject: Re: duplicate documentation
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2020 19:26:05 +0100

On Nov 15 18:26:16, wrote:
> > Implementing the -h or --help option mostly becomes calling usage(),
> Not usually.
> The usage() output ideally corresponds to the synopsis:
>    $ man -h groff
>   groff [-abcegijklpstzCEGNRSUVXZ] [-d cs] [-D arg] [-f fam] [-F dir]
>         [-I dir] [-K arg] [-L arg] [-m name] [-M dir] [-n num] [-o list]
>         [-P arg] [-r cn] [-T dev] [-w name] [-W name] [file ...]
>   groff -h
>   groff --help

I don't mean groff specifically here, I mean generally:
calling --help, in the software I see in the wild,
most often means "call usage() and exit", and the actual
printf() in usage() tend to lack behind.

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