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One groff file outputting multiple pdfs?

From: Richard Morse
Subject: One groff file outputting multiple pdfs?
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 15:41:42 -0500

Hi! I am using groff to generate some PDF reports. Each report consists of data 
for a number of different invoices, each of which is going to a different 
payee. We are being asked to submit each invoice separately, so we need to 
create a separate PDF for each center.

The roff file is being generated by a program, and for a few reasons, it would 
be much easier to have the program generate one output file, and then run Groff 
on the single file. Is there someway, perhaps using the mysterious “I/O” 
requests, to have the roff file change the output file through out?

Basically, I would like to run:

        groff -ms -Kutf8 -Tpdf

And have it generate:


Without having to generate a separate .ms file for each site, and then run 
groff separately for each invoice.


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