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Re: End-of-sentence spacing

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: End-of-sentence spacing
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2021 13:36:05 +1100
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Hi, Doug!

At 2020-12-22T09:33:20-0500, M Douglas McIlroy wrote:
> The words about double spacing quoted below can be misread as
> unconditional advice. I suggest replacing "In" with "In this case".
> Also so much mention of AT&T strikes me as clutter. At least the first
> instance would better be dropped.
> "If a second argument is never given to the 'ss' request, GNU 'troff'
> separates sentences as AT&T 'troff' does.  In input to GNU 'troff', as
> with AT&T 'troff', a sentence should always be followed by either a
> newline or two spaces."

I ended up eliminating that entire paragraph, as it is now redundant
with other, earlier, material in our Texinfo manual.

The second sentence is anticipated by node "Sentences":

        ...when GNU @code{troff} encounters one of these
        [end-of-sentence] characters at the end of a line, or one of
        them is followed by two or more spaces on the same input line,
        it appends a normal space followed by an inter-sentence space in
        the formatted output.

The first sentence is anticipated earlier in the same node:

        The optional second argument sets the amount of additional space
        separating sentences on the same output line in fill mode.  If
        the second argument is omitted,
        @var{additional-sentence-space-size} is set to

I also eliminated the paragraph from groff_diff(7); describing how groff
_isn't_ different from AT&T troff isn't in the page's charter--neither
is general advice on good input conventions.


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