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Re: [PATCH] ffix: Correctly format URIs

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ffix: Correctly format URIs
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 18:11:55 +1100
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Hi Jakub!

At 2021-01-12T21:51:15+0100, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> > On 1/10/21 7:50 AM, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
[regarding groff's an-ext.tmac's .UR/.UE macros]
> > > They use left and right angle bracket special character escapes
> > > (Unicode U+2039 and U+203A)
> I think that's a bug in groff. It should use plain <> for URLs, at
> least for tty output devices.

Even for TTY devices that can render angle brackets just fine?  Can you
say why?

> * Alejandro Colomar <>, 2021-01-10, 15:35:
> > I checked, and yes, it renders some character (the character depends
> > on the terminal: on tty I've seen a diamond, and on the xfce
> > terminal something similar (but slightly different) to a
> > parenthesis).
> Your console font doesn't support U+2039/U+203A and uses diamond as a
> replacement character.
> I have this in /etc/groff/mdoc.local and /etc/groff/mdoc.local as a
> work-around:
> .  if '\V[TERM]'linux' \
> .    tr \[la]<
> .  if '\V[TERM]'linux' \
> .    tr \[ra]>
> (In the long run, I should probably fix the font instead.)

I think this may be another use case for the .soquiet and .msoquiet[1]
requests I have proposed to support possibly-nonexistent or
permission-blocked opens of files; in this case, something like
$HOME/.troffrc or $XDG_DATA_HOME/troffrc.

I don't share Jakub's preference but, with the right tools, I'd defend
to the death his right to configure it.  :D



[1] Or .sofailok or .msofailok or whatever we end up calling them.

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