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New extension to gropdf

From: Deri
Subject: New extension to gropdf
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2021 14:11:02 +0100

I have been working on an extension to gropdf to draw boxes underneath the 
usual output from groff. The idea is to make it easier to include coloured 
frames around groff content, without having to use keeps, particularly if you 
want the frame to extend over several pages. It can also add a backgtound 
colour to the "paper” gropdf uses.

Included is my first attempt at an extension to the ms macros to make it easy 
to include coloured frames. I have not used ms very much, nor written macros 
so I'd be very grateful if people more expert than me could improve it, 
particularly in regard to proper integration with the ms macros.

The attached archive contains the new version of gropdf. Also it includes the 
macro extension file sboxes.tmac which can be used with "-ms -msboxes", and an 
example of using the extension called

Please feel free to do whatever to improve it.



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