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grohtml munges right border in table

From: Oliver Corff
Subject: grohtml munges right border in table
Date: Fri, 14 May 2021 18:41:30 +0200
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Dear All,

I have an awkward problem when converting tables to png using the groff
-T html route.

Occasionally, the right margin (if defined in the table definition)
disappears. I attach the tbl source, the pdf output and the png output.

Are there any fictitious page dimensions in HTML output which I am not
aware of? I compiled the attached table by

$ soelim Demarkationslinie_Uebergaenge.tbl | groff -t -T html > dummy.html

$ mv gro*.png Demarkationslinie_Uebergaenge.png # whatever the temporary
name produced by grohtml is.

I tried tables which were not so wide, there the right border is
preserved. It is irritating that the right border seems to be gobbled
regardless of the actual width of the table.

Is there some parameter I can tinker with?

Thanks a lot, and best wishes,


Dr. Oliver Corff
Wittelsbacherstr. 5A
D-10707 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-8572726-0
Fax : +49-30-8572726-2

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