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Not predefined Extended Latin character needed, interesting solution fou

From: Oliver Corff
Subject: Not predefined Extended Latin character needed, interesting solution found
Date: Sat, 15 May 2021 23:39:31 +0200
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Dear All,

I try to use the correct abbreviation for the former Czechoslovak
Socialist Republic, which is ČSSR (C + hacek, caron, wedge). The first
attempt (enter Unicode 0x010C directly, leaving everything to
preconv(1), did not work. Then I consulted groff_char(7) but there is no
predefined \[vC], only \[vS] etc. for base letters s, S, z and Z. No C!
I keep scratching my head.

None of the other suggested notations (like \[u0043_030C] work (see
groff(7)) out of the box.

The GNU groff online manual
( offers an escape
route with the following request:


A Berkeley extension which enables extended accent marks.

Strangely, *all* input methods begin to work, except for the undefined
\[vC]. See attached sample document.

For months, I thought this is a font setup question, and experimented
with numerous fonts, to no avail. Only today I discovered the .AM
request. It is contained in the online manual but I could not locate it
in any of the groff man pages (perhaps a version issue? I currently run
1.22.4). Perhaps I searched the wrong man page? Neither groff(1),
groff(7), groff_char(7) nor groff_font(5) mention the .AM request;
groff(7) in its subsection "Unicode Characters" states

       The extended escape u allows the inclusion of all available
Unicode characters into a roff file.
It then mentions that the Unicode input conventions work for the -Tutf8

       The availability of the Unicode characters depends on the font
used.  For text mode, the device -Tutf8 is quite com‐
       plete; for troff modes it might happen that some or many
characters will not be displayed.  Please check your fonts.

but that's not what I need. Astonishingly, .AM and the -Tutf8 device
seem incompatible, so it is

PDF: request .AM


-Tutf8 (but don't request .AM)


Have a nice weekend,


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