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Re: Is decreasing top margin with mm macros broken?

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Is decreasing top margin with mm macros broken?
Date: Wed, 19 May 2021 19:04:40 +1000
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Hi Michał!

At 2021-05-18T07:39:57+0000, Michał Kruszewski wrote:
> 35 years later and it is still there.
> Groff is great, much easier and more coherent than Latex.
> There is almost no need to google "How to {anything}".
> However, the path from the users feedback to the updates is extremely
> winding.

It certainly can be.  For now I think the best remedy to this unhappy
problem is for more people to join the development team and contribute.
Many of the bugs in our ticket tracker get tagged as "Need info" because
we simply don't have enough information to intelligently resolve them.

I can personally be slow to incorprate patches against parts of groff
that I'm not familiar with.  For example, I feel pretty comfortable with
the 'man' and ms macro packages, but not so much with mm and 'me'.  A
good way to help me to accelerate in such areas is to submit regression
tests alongside patches; there are about 60 specimens of test scripts in
the groff tree to serve as models.

> If fixing bugs or updating was as simple as making a PR on the
> GitHub/GitLab it would probably be much more popular.

It _is_ pretty easy to file a ticket in the Savannah bug tracking
system, and to include attachments, which can be exhibits of input
documents that reproduce a problem, screenshots of incorrect output, or
even proposed patches to fix a problem.

You can file a bug against groff via this URL:

and browse the existing reports via this one.


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