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Re: man-intro

From: Clarke Echols
Subject: Re: man-intro
Date: Sat, 22 May 2021 21:09:56 -0600
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I don't know why that would occur...

(Aside note):
[In the HP-UX Reference Manual (HP's Unix which was POSIX compliant) I
produced in late 1992, which contained all manpages, there is a manpage
included in Volume 1 on page 91 and 92 with the heading at the top of each
past: "cd(1)".  The manual contains 3000 pages in 3 volumes.  I was solely
responsible for maintaining HP-UX Reference manpages, including typesetting,
man macros for producing print-ready artwork as well as page-layout and
design for all HP-UX Reference manuals for HP-UX 7.0, 8.x, and 9.0 from
June 1989 through the end of 1992.

I had sole control over the master source-code files for troff files used to produce it.  Nobody had access permission to alter the files for all change requests from
HP-UX software engineers from assorted software labs.  The HP-UX 9.0 edition
was produced from 1453 total troff files.

I also forced the change in HP's HP-UX manuals from 3-ring binders to soft-cover bound books.  It cut production costs by millions of dollars.  I'm also the original author and creator of the title" "The Ultimate Guide to the Vi and Ex Text Editors" along with convincing management to get it into bookstores.  I wrote the original in 1987, it was still selling on Amazon in 2018, and a recent Google search I made for the title as quoted above produced more than approximately10 million (!!)
search results.]   (End note)

But when I issue command "man cd", I get the same error.

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.  Who's minding the store?


On 5/22/21 3:42 PM, Ulrich Lauther wrote:
On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 08:18:41PM +0200, Oliver Corff wrote:
"man cd", on the other hand, opens the bash built-in command *man page*,
which, at least on my system is a plethora of text to read (and digest).

on my sytem (ubunto mate) "man cd" results in "No manual entry for cd".

Just my 2cents,


Clarke Echols
B2B Commercial Writer
and Marketing Communications Specialist

"Freedom comes from seeing the ignorance
of your critics and discovering the
emptiness of their virtue"  - Ayn Rand -
 (as quoted by Robert Ringer)

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