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Re: man-intro (was: getting more out of man pages with less(1) )

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: Re: man-intro (was: getting more out of man pages with less(1) )
Date: Fri, 28 May 2021 23:59:59 -0400

 James K. Lowden <> wrote:

> Attached is a straw man 1st draft of what an introduction to the man
> system might look like.  If it clears the threshold of raspberries,
> perhaps we can mold it into something useful.  
> I think the page should be called man-intro, or intro-man.  (Need
> help?  Never fear, Intro Man is here!)  I included what I wish
> someone had told me back when VAXes were in production. 
> This is my work.  I'm happy to consign it to the groff project or FSF,
> or to the public domain. 

Pretty good first draft! I have a few quibbles here and there, of course,
The biggest one is about the man(ual) sections. If you start describing
the sections, you might as well finish it.

Aside: my primary interaction with VAXen was with VAX/VMS. I kind of
liked EDT, although vi(m) is my long-term steady. EDT’s journal came in
handy in the mid-afternoon, when the developers fired off a compile run
and the system bogged down to the point where the multiplexers figured
it had died. When it came back, the journal would pound through all the
edits we typed in before the network hiccup. (This was somewhere around

— Larry

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