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Re: ebook format

From: Wim Stockman
Subject: Re: ebook format
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2021 14:01:58 +0200

If any one knows how to run groff on a e-reader. I d love that :-). Just
vim and groff :-)
Op wo 16 jun. 2021 10:25 schreef Oliver Corff <>:

> On 16/06/2021 08:56, Dave Kemper wrote:
> > On 6/10/21, Deri <> wrote:
> >> Just out of interest, why do you dismiss pdf format for reading on the
> kindle? I find you have
> >> greater control over the way you want it to look using groff and pdf.
> > As a creator, that may have some appeal.  But most readers won't be
> > happy with this, because it means they can no longer resize the type
> > and have the page adjust appropriately.  (They could if the device
> > understood raw groff, but I'd be surprised if that were an option on
> > any commercial tablet.)
> Actually, a surprising number of ebook readers runs on some kind of
> linux, so running groff should be possible.
> > As an alternative to disabling kerning, instructing groff to embed all
> > the fonts in the PDF ("-e" option of gropdf, thus "-P -e" to groff)
> > may help with this.  With this, the page should display identically
> > across all viewers and devices.
> >
> Thank you for the suggestion, I'll try that.
> Oliver.

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