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Re: A few observations regarding tbl

From: T. Kurt Bond
Subject: Re: A few observations regarding tbl
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2021 12:39:37 -0400

I looked, and couldn't find a free monospace font with both OPEN BOX and
CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T.  Well, I exclude Unifont, because I don't
think it is adequate for use in print.  My search wasn't exhaustive; does
anybody else know of one?

So you can substitute a space for something with .tr, but not something for
a space?  I did not expect that.

Yes, I've run into applications that substitute leading spaces with
NO-BREAK SPACE, and have been mystified why code cut and pasted from there
doesn't work anymore, until I finally looked at the actual characters and
found NO-BREAK SPACE instead of SPACE.

T. Kurt Bond,,

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