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Re: Proposed: 3 disruptive changes for groff 1.23.0

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Proposed: 3 disruptive changes for groff 1.23.0
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 13:33:51 +1000
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Well, nobody's objected to any of these, and each has gotten an
agreeable voice attached to it (thanks to the grizzled Doug McIlroy for
a +1 to item #3), so I reckon I'll proceed with them.  All 3 now have
Savannah tickets now, too.

At 2021-06-18T01:48:14+1000, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
> 1. "Skip the stripper".  Mooted several times on this list in the
>    past, this proposal to stop shipping some macro packages (hdtbl,
>    mdoc, and "me") in a condensed, hard-to-read form akin to
>    JavaScript minification already enjoys a consensus, but was shelved
>    on perceived scheduling grounds.
>    <>
> 2. Move grog from src/roff to src/utils.  I mooted this on 5 June.  I
>    already drastically altered grog's internal structure, making it a
>    stand-alone script.
> 3. Rename "an-old.tmac" to simply "an.tmac".
>    This would be a NEWS-worthy item because the "-man" argument to
>    groff (or nroff, or troff) would no longer load the andoc wrapper.
>    I think andoc.tmac is cool and wish to keep it around; apart from
>    being useful for its stated purpose, it's an excellent exhibit of
>    how to do certain clever things with the *roff language family (and
>    brief enough to not defy comprehension).  But I do not think the
>    case for andoc arrogating the "-man" and "-m man" arguments to
>    itself is a strong one.
>    So I propose to advise users (and authors of man(1) librarians) in
>    the NEWS file to invoke groff with the "-mandoc" argument
...for rendering man pages.
>    This was already a good idea, but not truly necessary.  Now it will
>    be.


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