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Re: Would it be reasonable to list the fonts that are available by defau

From: T . Kurt Bond
Subject: Re: Would it be reasonable to list the fonts that are available by default in groff?
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 20:36:52 -0400
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On Thu, 15 Jul 2021 19:16:50 -0400,
Douglas McIlroy <> wrote:
> I'm generally an intrepid groff user, but not when it comes to font
> installation. Anything that demystifies the process will win my applause.
> Doug

Despite the vagaries of directory locations, once you understand what wants and fontforge is installed is
relatively easy to use.  I typically write a short script that calls with the option to specify the correct directory for
each of the variations of the font in which I'm interested.  Here's
the script I use to install Cormorant Garamond.

===== ========================
#! /usr/bin/env bash

if [ "$1" != "" ]; then
    [ -d "$1" ] || { echo Bogus DEST: $1; exit 1; }

~/current/groff/utilities/ -n -P "$DEST" -d -F CormorantGaramond 
-f +R CormorantGaramond-Regular.ttf
~/current/groff/utilities/ -n -P "$DEST" -d -F CormorantGaramond 
-f +I CormorantGaramond-Italic.ttf
~/current/groff/utilities/ -n -P "$DEST" -d -F CormorantGaramond 
-f +B CormorantGaramond-Bold.ttf
~/current/groff/utilities/ -n -P "$DEST" -d -F CormorantGaramond 
-f +BI CormorantGaramond-BoldItalic.ttf

You can see that I default to installing it to the directory
/Users/tkb/sw/versions/groff/git/share/groff, but there is an option
to change it since I've got multiple versions installed.  The directory
/Users/tkb/sw/versions/groff/git is where I've configured the groff I
build from git to install.  (I used to use /sw/versions/groff/git,
which I like better, but upgrading to macOS Catalina saw all the files
you owned outside your home directory "quarantined" and made difficult
to access, and I opted not to fight it.)

If your font has other variants - other weights like Light, Medium,
and Semi, or smallcaps, etc., you can just add invocations of to install them with names like
CormorantGaramondLight, etc.  I'm actually going to be using multiple
weights of Cormorant Garamond, so I'll be adding those to this script

Anyway, I have one of these scripts for each font I install, so I can
rerun them; sometimes fontforge reports problems, or I make a mistake
specifying the font file names.  And I actually use three different
computers regularly, so I install them on each one. So having the
script makes rerunning in case of errors nad keeping the font names
consistent on different machines easy.  They need to be run from the
directory with the font files.

Staring to use greatly widened the breath of fonts
that I can use with groff, having significantly lowered the difficulty
of installing fonts for me.

T. Kurt Bond,, and

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