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Re: pic doesn't center when i use a macro

From: Marc Chantreux
Subject: Re: pic doesn't center when i use a macro
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2021 09:23:26 +0100

hello Holger,

>     box width w height margin with .nw at last box .nw dashed
>     label_for(layer) at last box.c

I really don't know why but yes: it works. Now i have a workaround
in my hand.

On the other hand: the more i saw the Tadziu's code, the more I like it
for its clean separation between porcelain and plumbing. The only thing
you have to read is:

    layer("Entête Ethernet")
    layer("Entête IP")
    layer("Entête TCP")
    layer("Donnees applicatives")


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