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Re: macro returning a value?

From: Ulrich Lauther
Subject: Re: macro returning a value?
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 23:17:47 +0100

> You shouldn't be seeing a blank line.  What's more, removing the
> space before the opening parens should cause the \R escape to fail
> with 'troff: <file>:<line>: warning: missing number'.  A backtrace
> points directly to the \R line. 
> I'm mystified.  Can you send a small example exhibiting the problem
> (input and output) along with your groff command line?
I cannot reproduce the case without the blank and no extra blank line.
In the attached file the macro Pos1 gives the correct result, but an extra line.
Pos2 gives a wrong result, but I don't see any error message. 
Pos3 gives the correct result without an extra line.
With "man groff" I cannot find an option to enable error messages.

My command line is "groff -Tps  test >".
I attach the two files.

Thanks for your help,


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