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Re: The -mb macro package for books

From: Marc Chantreux
Subject: Re: The -mb macro package for books
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2021 10:45:47 +0100


> I'm seninha and I just want to share with you a macro package that I
> created.  It's called -mb and I use it to format books.

-mbook would be better ? not only it explicitly show the meaning but i
really think every names with less than 3 letters shoud be reserved for
history reason or personnal usages.

-mb can be so many things but book.

> I'm not a troff wizard (yet) but I have read some books and documents
> on troff and I have some knowledge on how to create macros.

can you recommend one of these ?

> [1]:

i tried to compile this one but it requires a dpost command (not
provided on my system). what toolchain are you using ?


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