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groff-commit list not receiving push notifications

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: groff-commit list not receiving push notifications
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2021 13:56:55 +1100
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Hi everybody,

I wanted to advise you of an infrastructure problem that has been
afflicting us for a few days.

Long story short, email notifications of commits to the groff Git
repository on Savannah are not working, but the Savannah team is working
on the issue.  Apparently there was a server upgrade/rehosting and
something Pythonic went awry in the process.

Details can be found at <>.

I have created a _temporary_ branch "temp-mail-fail", created from the
last commit on the master branch that sent a successful notification[1].

Once the infrastructure issue is fixed, it's my intention to employ the
"blitz" side-effect I've been so unhappy with when managing repository
branches in the past: by fast-forwarding (rebasing) the branch to the
last commit on the 'master' branch that didn't successfully send mail
and then pushing 'temp-mail-fail', all the emails for the missing
commits to 'master' should be sent.  Admittedly, they will be annotated
with the "wrong" branch.  Further, if the way I find out the problem is
fixed is by committing to 'master' and seeing an email come back to me,
the commit emails will be out of order.  But they often get out of order
anyway when multiple commits are pushed at once, as one can easily tell
from the sequence numbers in the list archives[2].

Once that is done, I intend to delete the branch, so please make note of
this fact.  The last time I deleted a branch provoked some rending of

If you're a Python administration expert, the Savannah team might be
able to benefit from your expertise; please consider offering your
advice via the URL above.


[1] This one, if you're curious.

commit e80eb4ffca0f239bbba49bad70c1110c8ffe926a
Author: G. Branden Robinson <>
AuthorDate: Thu Dec 16 19:27:48 2021 +1100

    groff_me(7): Fix warning from troff.

    You can't use comments in table entries--I forgot that, even having
    documented it not long ago.  :-/

    Problem introduced by me in ac8de01b, 15 December.


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