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Re: building groff with GNU Make and *BSD Make

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: building groff with GNU Make and *BSD Make
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2022 06:26:14 +1100
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Hi Larry,

At 2022-03-28T12:11:32-0700, Larry McVoy wrote:
> > > Yes, i admit there is some fragility in OpenBSD make in this respect.
> I'm a little late, are you guys trying to make things build with
> different make(1) implementations?

Yes.  Apparently that has worked in the past and does again after Ingo's
commits of the past week.

> Because that is the path to heartache.

I'm learning that.  :-|

> Just pick one, we picked GNU make, not my favorite by any stretch but
> it runs everywhere.  Build the makefiles for that make and call it a
> day.

Some people will sign a thousand EULAs before touching one copylefted
byte.  That doesn't describe Ingo, but it does describe some of the
people he works with.

Not long ago, Robert Elz was carrying on over at the Austin Group
list[1] about how he was blockaded from implementing "realpath -e" in
NetBSD because reading GNU coreutils source code would contaminate his
eyeballs.  The "viral" GPL would infect his eyeballs and then his brain
and then everything he wrote for the rest of his life would be under the
personal control of Richard M. Stallman.

I think people are getting around it by writing test cases for him.
It's almost like such an activity is in the wheelhouse of a standards

As Strother Martin said, "some men, you just can't reach".


[1] Issue #1457.

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