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Re: bpf-helpers.7: .TH line is... meh (was: [PATCH] Use SPDX

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Re: bpf-helpers.7: .TH line is... meh (was: [PATCH] Use SPDX-License-Identifier)
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 13:07:29 +0200
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Hi Branden,

On 8/2/22 12:28, Quentin Monnet wrote:
On 01/08/2022 23:13, Alejandro Colomar wrote:

I've been running a linter on the man-pages, and had this triggered from

$ make lint V=1
LINT (groff)    tmp/lint/man7/bpf-helpers.7.lint-man.groff.touch
groff -man -t -M ./etc/groff/tmac -m checkstyle -rCHECKSTYLE=3 -ww  -z
an.tmac:man7/bpf-helpers.7:3: style: .TH missing third argument; suggest
document modification date in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD)
an.tmac:man7/bpf-helpers.7:3: style: .TH missing fourth argument;
suggest package/project name and version (e.g., "groff 1.23.0")
an.tmac:man7/bpf-helpers.7:3: style: .TH missing fifth argument and
second argument '7' not a recognized manual section; specify volume title
found style problems; aborting

Not sure I understand this last one. Isn't "7" a valid man section?

make: *** [lib/
tmp/lint/man7/bpf-helpers.7.lint-man.groff.touch] Error 1


See what a normal .TH line looks like, and what bpf-helpers.7 has:

$ grep ^.TH man2/bpf.2
.TH BPF 2 2021-08-27 "Linux" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
$ grep ^.TH man7/bpf-helpers.7
.TH BPF-HELPERS 7 "" "" ""

That seems like a non-legitimate warning. May it be a bug in groff(1)? It also may be that due to the many other issues, groff(1) already went (legitimately) crazy, but I'm reporting it in case there's a small bug somewhere.



Alejandro Colomar

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