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Re: Journals typeset in [tg]roff

From: Douglas McIlroy
Subject: Re: Journals typeset in [tg]roff
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2022 12:36:20 -0400

>> Physical Review was an early adopter of troff,

> Oh, interesting.  I admit i submitted my own publications
> in Phys Rev D in LaTeX in 2000 and didn't know at the time troff
> would have been an option.

Phys Rev A adopted troff for their in-house typesetting soon after the
advent of eqn. It was a bold move; the journal sports ferocious
equations. Really long ones could extend to full-page width in the
middle of 2-column text. I doubt any current macro package can do
that. (Perhaps Phys Rev couldn't either. They may have set galleys,
not pages.)


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