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One Page Dungeon Layout in groff?

From: Laurens Kils-Hütten
Subject: One Page Dungeon Layout in groff?
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 10:57:01 +0200

Hello dungeon delving GNU people,

I hope it's fine to write a lengthy request like the following 
as a first post to this list. If not, please be so kind and 
advise me, where I should have asked instead. That said, here
goes my question:

Yesterday I once more discoverered, how ridiculously fast groff
is compared to other typesetting toolchains like LaTeX, Python +
weasyprint or whatever.

Since I enjoy using fast UNIX tools to build some dungeons in my
spare time, I wonder how much work it'll take to reproduce the
classic One Page Dungeon layout in groff. Just in case you don't
know, the layout would simply look like this:

| ---------------  Table with  |
||               | random      |
||  Map of the   | encounters, |
||               | various     |
||    Dungeon    | general     |
||               | descriptions|
||     Level     | of the level|
||               | And finally |
| ---------------  a key with  |
| descriptions of each         |
| individual room of the       |
| dungeon. Basically it's a    |
| page, with one top-left      |
| aligned image and text       |
| floating around the image.   |
| That shouldn't be too hard.  |
| Nothing fancy really ...     |

The text might extend to the facing uneven page, thus creating a
two page spread for the level.

Of course I tried what groff seems to deliver out of the box, but
I find that displays typically use up a page width, or column
width, with text continuing below the image, but not floating
around the image like i've shown. 

So, any ideas how to do this in groff? Maybe one of the common
macro packages already supports this kind of layout, only I
haven't discoverered it, yet?

Thanks in advance, 



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