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About groff and dformat

From: Riza Dindir
Subject: About groff and dformat
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 17:52:54 +0300

Hello All,

I am trying to get dformat to work. What I did was this.

I first tried to include an example dformat script into my document. I
got the first example from the site
( The first example for the dformat
processor. That example has been using inline equations/math

Then I went and got the dformat awk script. That script I got from
( which might not be the
original script.

Anyways I have this simple document.

Some format
delim @@
.begin dformat
style bitwid 0.08
style charwid 0
style recspread 0.3
        --16 Frame
        --16 Frame
  A1:   --16 Frame
        --16 Frame
        --8-dashed ...
  A2:   8--8 Flags
        8--8 Status
        --8 @roman Chunk sub 1@
  B1:   --8 @roman Chunk sub 2@
        --8-dashed ...
        --8 @roman Chunk sub m@
        16--16 CRC
  A3:   8--8 Flags
  B2:   8--8 @roman Data sub 1@
        8--8 @roman Data sub 2@
        8--8 @roman Data sub 3@
        8--8 @roman Data sub 4@
        --8-dashed ...
        8--8 @roman Data sub n-1@
        8--8 @roman Data sub n@
        6--6 Length
  B3:   10--10 Channel #
pic line dotted from A1.sw to A2.nw
pic line dotted from to
pic line dotted from B1.sw to B2.nw
pic line dotted from to

And am running the command line as

!sh | eqn | pic | groff -ms >

The command says this

pic:<standard input>:98: syntax error before '\'
pic:<standard input>:98: giving up on this picture

Does anybody use dformat? Which dformat script are you using?


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