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Savannah bug->email outage

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Savannah bug->email outage
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2022 16:46:33 -0500

[Savannah hackers: see possible query bug at the end of this mail.]

This message is to compensate for some auto-generated traffic to the
bug-groff list that would have happened over the past several days but
for a problem with the Savannah ticket tracker to email service.

You can read more about the service outage on the
savannah-hackers-public mailing list.

I performed an "advanced" query in the Savannah ticket browser for the
groff project[1], and it looks to me like 9 tickets were updated during
the service outage.

Here they are.

bug #24527: equations in .tl confuses grohtml

bug #58736: [me] footnote breaks two-column output

bug #59738: mdoc: .Lk suppresses end-of-sentence recognition

bug #60504: [PATCH] document .PF macro in pic(1) and add it to -mpic

bug #60571: Footnote markers defeat end-of-sentence recognition

bug #61028: [refer-ms] sets comma after title in italics, should be roman

bug #61935: [troff] \k not ignored after \c

bug #62890: [pic] want option for SVG output

bug #62901: [pic] accept `.PY` as synonym for `.PF`

Nevertheless, the query missed at least one ticket.  Maybe because it
was merely "created", not "modified"?

bug #62900: [mm] want pic flyback support



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