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Re: groff 1.23.0.rc2 readiness

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: groff 1.23.0.rc2 readiness
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2022 07:11:10 -0500

Hi John,

At 2022-08-24T21:18:02+1000, John Gardner wrote:
> > As you are the most active developer, would you consider taking over
> > the maintainership of groff?
> Please, please, *please* let that be a "yes"…

Bertrand and I are in private correspondence about this.  One or both of
us will follow up to the list as things progress.  There's a lot of FSF
procedure to deal with.

But for the sake of transparency, in the meantime, he asked if the
current HEAD was good enough to tag as "rc2" and I said "yes".

I'd like to encourage people with an interest in groff to step up and
become contributors if they can.  I think having the "lead developer"
(or "most active" one, at any rate) and "release manager" be separate
people can be a good separation of concerns.

In a peer relationship where there's mutual respect and comity, having
one person focussed on "this is good, let's make this a release,
announce the good work that's been done, and get it in people's hands"
and other on "we can make it even better: let's fix this bug and improve
that feature" can be a healthy dynamic for development.


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