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Fullpage Image Using PDFPIC/PSPIC

From: Alexis
Subject: Fullpage Image Using PDFPIC/PSPIC
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 23:46:00 +0100

Hello everyone,

I'd like to place an image as a fullpage image, i.e. no border
whatsoever, using `.PDFPIC` or `.PSPIC`
(see attached full-page-pdfpic-desired.pdf).
Yet I notice that the image is always placed `1v` below the top of the
page (see attached full-page-pdfpic-actual.pdf).

Using `.sp |0`, `.sp -1`, or `\v'-1v' before the calls to the
`.PDFPIC` or `.PSPIC` macro did seem to have any effect.
The only way that I could get it to work was by adding `\v'-1'
before the `\X'pdf: pdfpic` and `\X'psfile=` escapes in `pdfpic.tmac`
and `pspic.tmac`, e.g. here:

Can someone think of a way to place an image as fullpage image
using groff with the current state of the master branch?

If not, would people be open to possibly add another argument
to the `.PDFPIC` and `.PSPIC` macros, e.g. `-v <v-offset>`, that would
allow an image to be shifted vertically?


P.S.: Please find attached the sources and files that were used during
the tests and experiments; map.pdf attachment exported from

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