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Re: Underlining

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Underlining
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2023 10:26:37 -0600

Hi Blake,

At 2023-01-30T08:30:57-0600, Blake McBride wrote:
> I had a problem with producing underlines a few years ago.  Werner
> provided a macro (.Underline) and included it in a file named ul.tmac.
> That file seems not to be a part of groff anymore.

I don't have any record of any such file ever existing in the groff Git
repository, which includes historical snapshots of groff releases going
back to version 1.02 (1991).  Is it possible it was simply an attachment
to the mail?

> Having an old copy of that file, I tried it, and it worked perfectly.
> However, I wonder if there is a more modern or current way of doing
> this.

There is an example by that (macro) name in our Texinfo manual.

.\" underline word $1 with trailing punctuation $2
.de Underline
.  nop \\$1\l'|0\[ul]'\\$2
Typographical emphasis is best used
.Underline sparingly .

Does this do the trick?


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