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Re: Groff hdtbl tables disappear near the footer

From: Mike
Subject: Re: Groff hdtbl tables disappear near the footer
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2023 23:09:57 +0000
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It seems the problem with disappearing tables is not, yet, resolved.

Here is another example where, when the table doesn't fit on the page,
it vanishes and is not carried over to the following page.

The eps graphic is too large to send, so I have attached the png.

To convert it to eps, I used ImageMagick:

convert floral-banner.png floral-banner.eps

- is the version with the missing table.
- shows the table on the following page (the only difference
is a page break directly before the table - line 32).

The command used to compile the document is:

groff -ms -m hdtbl > && ps2pdf page-a.pdf

I am not sure what causes this to behave differently to the resume

I also tried adding:
.am pg@end-text
.  t*EM

However, this didn't seem to work either.

Any help solving this issue would be much appreciated.

Apologies, in advance, if this is user error (missing something

Kind regards,


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