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the 'SS' (slanted symbol) font (was: Original print of V7 manual? / My o

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: the 'SS' (slanted symbol) font (was: Original print of V7 manual? / My own version of troff)
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2024 09:24:05 -0600

At 2024-01-10T14:23:24+0100, Tadziu Hoffmann wrote:
> > Note that there is no SS for 'devpdf'. So, from where does
> > -Tpdf find (or construct) the slanted versions of the Greek
> > letters if the standard symbol font has upright Greek letters?
> > Or are the two 'S' fonts different for -Tpdf and -Tps?
> In the current groff release, the slanted Greek characters
> are constructed from the characters in the standard Symbol
> font using .char in pdf.tmac:

Not just the current groff release!  This approach goes back to 2011,
the very birth of gropdf(1).


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