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Re: the 'SS' (slanted symbol) font (was: Original print of V7 manual? /

From: Tadziu Hoffmann
Subject: Re: the 'SS' (slanted symbol) font (was: Original print of V7 manual? / My own version of troff)
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2024 00:04:02 +0100
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> For people producing greek documents who wish to use eqn,
> I did some testing, using the Tinos family of fonts (R, I,
> B, BI) which include greek glyphs and SS font for gropdf.
> The attached pdf shows the results with the different
> fonts colour coded.

Nice!  How did you do the color coding?

> If you want to see the slanted versions for alpha and beta,
> it is best to set the family to T and select TinosR as the
> main font.

But this gives you the Greek characters of the Symbol font.
Since Tinos also has Greek characters, it would be nice to
use the italic Tinos Greek for the math.  Could you maybe
try the trick of telling eqn

  chartype "letter" \[*a]\[*b]\[*g]\[*d]\[*e]\[*z]
  chartype "letter" \[*y]\[*h]\[*i]\[*k]\[*l]\[*m]
  chartype "letter" \[*n]\[*c]\[*o]\[*p]\[*r]\[*s]
  chartype "letter" \[*t]\[*u]\[*f]\[*x]\[*q]\[*w]

at the beginning (in the first EQ/EN pair)?

Attached is my own experiment of using a different Greek font
(GFS Didot) for the math.  Unfortunately I do not speak Greek,
so I have no idea whether the text is typeset correctly,
but I think the Greek typeface looks very nice.

I did the color coding by inserting color commands into
the intermediate output wherever a font change occurred.
The colors are:

  red:   Roman
  blue:  Italic
  green: Symbol

(The fraction bar is not from a font, but drawn as a line
while the blue color was active.)

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