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Re: the 'SS' (slanted symbol) font (was: Original print of V7 manual? /

From: Deri
Subject: Re: the 'SS' (slanted symbol) font (was: Original print of V7 manual? / My own version of troff)
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2024 17:19:03 +0000

On Thursday, 11 January 2024 23:04:02 GMT Tadziu Hoffmann wrote:
> > For people producing greek documents who wish to use eqn,
> > I did some testing, using the Tinos family of fonts (R, I,
> > B, BI) which include greek glyphs and SS font for gropdf.
> > The attached pdf shows the results with the different
> > fonts colour coded.
> Nice!  How did you do the color coding?

Hi Tadziu,

Woe is me! masterpdfeditor, a lot of time mouse clicking (and 
missing) a drop down colour list.
> > If you want to see the slanted versions for alpha and beta,
> > it is best to set the family to T and select TinosR as the
> > main font.
> But this gives you the Greek characters of the Symbol font.
> Since Tinos also has Greek characters, it would be nice to
> use the italic Tinos Greek for the math.  Could you maybe
> try the trick of telling eqn
>   chartype "letter" \[*a]\[*b]\[*g]\[*d]\[*e]\[*z]
>   chartype "letter" \[*y]\[*h]\[*i]\[*k]\[*l]\[*m]
>   chartype "letter" \[*n]\[*c]\[*o]\[*p]\[*r]\[*s]
>   chartype "letter" \[*t]\[*u]\[*f]\[*x]\[*q]\[*w]
> at the beginning (in the first EQ/EN pair)?
> Attached is my own experiment of using a different Greek font
> (GFS Didot) for the math.  Unfortunately I do not speak Greek,
> so I have no idea whether the text is typeset correctly,
> but I think the Greek typeface looks very nice.
> I did the color coding by inserting color commands into
> the intermediate output wherever a font change occurred.

Brilliant, I wish I had thought of doing that, much easier after I wrote a 
little perl script. I ran it again with your suggestion, setting the greek 
symbols to "letter", (first formula only), looks good to me.



> The colors are:
>   red:   Roman
>   blue:  Italic
>   green: Symbol
> (The fraction bar is not from a font, but drawn as a line
> while the blue color was active.)

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