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PPC Port

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: PPC Port
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 00:12:28 +0200
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Some minutes ago I've committed the PPC port of GRUB 2.  It is not
completely done yet, this mail is to describe some bugs and short
comings of it.

- After the configure test the endian in config.h is not correct, you
  need to manually correct this after running configure.

- There is some problem with linking, for some weird reason only
  cross compiling works for me.

- It allocates memory that should not be allocated. (resulting in a
  crash in some cases).

- There is no loader yet.  I have written a linux loader, but it is
  far from done.

- Some things in the firmware are not clear to me yet.  I marked those
  with XXX.

- Modules.

But there is a lot that does work.  And that is just as important:

- Johan's ieee1275 functions.

- Accessing the disks like "cd", "hd" "ultra0", etc.  Just by using
  aliases instead of stupid device paths. :)

- Apple partition support.

- Console support (Capable of displaying the menu).

If someone has a question about this port, please ask me.
Unfortunately I won't have much time for GRUB hacking next months
because I'm quite busy with some other projects.  Do not worry, I will
come back and implement all missing features and every required
feature one can think of. :)


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