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Re: Anyone working on graphics console for GRUB 2?

From: M. Gerards
Subject: Re: Anyone working on graphics console for GRUB 2?
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 12:15:30 +0200
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Quoting James Buchanan <address@hidden>:

> If someone has started on this, how will the graphics be done?  Will 
> it use a standalone SVGAlib, maybe a "generic" SVGA framebuffer, 

Using SVGAlib would be evil and a lot of work.

I think the best way to do this is by using VESA.  At the moment there
is a VGA framebuffer, but it needs to be fixed.  If you want to work
on this, can you fix the VGA framebuffer?

> working to the VESA BIOS Extensions v3 or somesuch?  The RedHat Grub 
> screen is very nice.  Not sure how they did it.  Has a nice clean set 
> of widgets.  How would Unicode characters be drawn on the screen, 
> would there be a lookup table of bitmap font outlines or something?

AFAIK a bitmap font is used for GRUB 2.  Just have a look at the sourcecode.


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