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Grub menu.1st - Feature request

From: MOSER, Wilhelm
Subject: Grub menu.1st - Feature request
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 01:27:19 +0200 (CEST)
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maybe I miss some information. I use Grub 0.93 (as it is patched for
splashimages - debian)

I use pxegrub and think I am nearly through with config. BUT there is one
feature I darely miss:

GRUB Start....
YES I have a mac address....
tftp... OK got it.
# mymac (best) myhostname, myip (not so good)
load configfile (nd)/boot/somedir/mymac/menu.1st
ok let us use (nd)/boot/menu.1st instead

Yes - there is a work around using pxelinux and load Grub from there somehow
but this is not really homed in - isn't it.

Thank you for comments...

willi moser

Besides the lack of CD support - consider the same procedure as the bios
Try Grub config, if it fails boot as configured with the bios (usually
floppy,cdrom,hd0, - other devices including usb...

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