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RE: calling UNDI API

From: Feng Shuo
Subject: RE: calling UNDI API
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 11:06:57 +0800

I do some work on grub, but it doesn't work now :-(
I will release a special patch containing the unfinished UNDI drivers for
GRUB-0.95. Hope somebody can fix it and let it work :-)
BTW. I think the UNDI driver may be not our first choice ---- so many cards
are buggy implemented :-(

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Subject: calling UNDI API


does anyone have code to call UNDI functions from withing GRUB?

I can obtain the physical address of a function "entry16point" or 
which are supposedly callable from real mode and/or protected mode,
but I do not know how to use them (successfully)

I'm looking into the sources from NILO and etherboot, but there's
too much stuff to learn... (I'm not sufficiently familiar with x86 protected
mode used in grub2...)

-- lode

    u_int16_t (*entry16point)(u_int16_t func, void *param);
                                /* 16bit stack segment API entry */
                                /* point.  This will be seg:off in */
                                /* real mode and sel:off in 16:16 */
                                /* protected mode. */
    u_int16_t (*entry32point)(u_int16_t func, void *param);
                                /* 32bit stack segment API entry */
                                /* point.  This will be sel:off. */
                                /* In real mode, sel == 0 */

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