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Re: normal mode chainloader

From: Tomas Ebenlendr
Subject: Re: normal mode chainloader
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 12:40:14 +0200
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> If you cannot load boot.mod for a reason, what you get is the same as 
> when a loader module cannot be loaded: The difference is only that you 
> cannot execute boot or, say, linux. For ordinary users, these look 
> identical. The only solution for these cases is to go back to the 
> rescue mode and boot something from it. Then, there is no way to 
> provide a good interface anyway.
> If autoloading is off (although I'm not sure if it is better to allow 
> the user to turn it off), the user should know what he/she does. He/She 
> should load all required modules explicitly. This means that this 
> person knows how GRUB works. For this person, it is no problem to load 
> boot.mod manually.
> Okuji

Okay, I have no other arguments for it, so
I will post next patch without the dependency symbol. 

                                 Tomas 'ebi' Ebenlendr
                                 PF 2004.47684872116

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