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Re: GRUB2 / pxe

From: lode leroy
Subject: Re: GRUB2 / pxe
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:10:17 +0200

I managed to boot grub2 over PXE/TFTP/DHCP using the following code.
Could someone add this to grub2, please?

This would be quite useful to me for testing, great!

Using your code I made the patch I included at the end of the email.
I've also regenerated the `conf/' file, in case you don't
have ruby installed.  Can you please test this patch?

yes, looks like it works!

Is it ok for you this way?

This line in the makefile is too long (or was crippled in the mail archive)

$(CPPFLAGS) -DASM_FILE=1 $(ASFLAGS) $(pxeboot_img_ASFLAGS) -M $< | sed 's,pxeboot\.o[ :]*,pxeboot_img-boot_i386_pc_pxeboot.o $@ : ,g' > $@; [ -s
$@ ] || rm -f $@

-- lode
ps: it's a mix between pxeloader.S from grub0.94, abd boot.S from grub2

Okuji, can I commit this patch when it works for Lode?  Are there
copyright issues?

I think there should not be copyright issues: there's only 1 line of code,
and Okuji wrote it :-)

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