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From: Mario Ohnewald
Subject: stage2_eltorito
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 02:26:03 +0200

Hello List!
It might be a bit OT but i didnt know where else to go to get a little
hint about my problem...

I would like to do this:

1.) Do i need grub0.92 or grub2 (cvs) for that?
2.) where do i get the stage2_eltorito file from? I googled a lot, but
could never find out where or what creates stage2_eltorito. Do you need
to compile grub0.92 from source to get that stage2_eltorito file? Is
there a binary one downloadable?
3.) I will be happy to test such a CD-Boot feature in the grub2 cvs
version, if you tell me where i can find more information about it.

"grep -r eltorito *" didnt find anything in the sources of grub0.92 and
grub2 cvs.
Did you maybe rename it?

More infos/links would be great.
Sorry for bothering the devel list for that!

Cheers, Mario

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