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grub - multiboot - configuration-feature request

From: address@hidden
Subject: grub - multiboot - configuration-feature request
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 14:22:59 +0200
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now since years i try to co-work on linux (focus is still win xp) i had lots of troubles with lilo and therefore came to grub. all the troubles were gone!

all? no: one not so fine trouble is still here, and maybe with this new version of grub could be cleared:

installation of grub is e.g on my mandrake-linux-system. if i now want to try another linux-distribution, every configuration-work is away. although my windows-partition is still there.

so my wish: the configuration-settings (and splash-files, and all other important things, that i don't know of...) should be there on every (!) partition of my computer. so if one partition has changed (maybe once win xp ;-) ) my settings are still there (maybe with one info: os xy has gone - or similar).

would this be easy to be integrated?

greetings from austria/europe
hans horwath

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